Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Update

Just wanted to let those who care know that I haven't forgotten about the blog.  My wife gave birth to our daughter 5 days ago, and the lead up to the birth, subsequent addition of a child, etc. has eaten most of my time.  We are home now and I expect to get the next chapter up no later than the week of March 7th.  I'm glad people seem to be enjoying what I've shared and hope you will feel that your patience will be rewarded.  Thanks.


  1. I'm calling bullshit! Update or gtfo! QAPLAH!

    (BTW, grats on the kid. Don't ever let it see this blog. Or mine.)

  2. Yeah! What Fek said!

    The congrats part at least. Not sure about the rest, my Klingon is a bit rusty yIngtagh!

  3. "Your patience will be rewarded"?

    Quit watching Alton Brown and type, fucker!